3 months programme – RB

A 3 month (invite only) programme, to scope out how to hit your target income, the key steps towards this and a detailed initial plan to work through it…

This includes:

  1. Questionnaire – to get us up to speed with your latest thoughts, so we all hit the ground running (clearly it’s great we already know you and your business)
  2. 1hr kick-off call with both Liz and I, to identify potential business models that are worth further exploration.
  3. A number of sessions with Mike evaluating these options and considering a suitable mix (like we did in Pitstop programme).  We’re thinking 2-3 hours should do, split into 30 / 45 / 60 min blocks (whatever feels most appropriate following the kick-off call).
  4. A detailed 1hr planning session with Liz – like your own 1:1 version of ‘8 weeks to Easter’ – once the strategy is pinned down, so you’re crystal clear on what to do and when.

Plus: weekly 15 minute momentum call with Liz to help keep all this flowing, and avoid overload from work, home life etc.  These happen throughout the 3 months, and relate to your priorities at that point.

And direct access to us throughout the week using MS Teams – support is never more than a message away.


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